Power up your Employee Management koncept


Maintaining employee's details is quite challenging especially for a big team or remote teams. It is hard to manage all maintain essential information about employees such as attendance, leaves, salary information, Expenses claim, documents and other useful information. A well structured Employee Management System helps to improve not only administrative performance but also saves time and money. A web-based EMS (Employee Management System) easy to use and secure. It optimized workload with essential HR features. To save the time of HRs, it is necessary to set up a solution that helps to organize, reporting, sorting and transferring documents. Our experienced Software developer comes up with a self-guide solution that is very easy to use and won't let you lag in HR functions with updated features and technologies. Let us understand our EMS Features:


Employee Management

  • Employee Account
  • Employee Documents
  • Employee Insight
  • Employee Dashboard

Attendance Management

  • Attendance Calculator
  • Attendance Report
  • Biometric Integration
  • Leave Management

Document Management

  • Document Downloads
  • HR Policies
  • IT Compliance
  • Expenses Claim Docuent

Claim Management

  • Reimbursement and Asset Management
  • Insurance Claim