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Market research is one of the most important aspects of any company that wants to rise in this competitive market. Every expertise who understands the value wants to dive into the field of Survey and wants Sample Management Platform for Market Research Projects. Koncept is Online Project Management Platform for Market Research, It helps to gain total control over your sampling projects.

To run and create multiple surveys means getting lots of responses. It becomes quite difficult when to report survey response data. Koncept is Sample Management Platform which provides extensive features to tackle Project Management Experience. Our Online Porject Management Platform is a web-enabled application with a secure web link that empowers the design sample, managing, distributing and analysis of surveys to improve communication, process management, time management and give comprehensive reports.

The main purpose of running a survey is to evaluate the feedback of participants and powerful reports to take a wise decision. Koncept is very handy to do all with easy go. Koncept provides comprehensive reports that cover overall survey results from all relevant perspectives. Whenever a new survey form is distributed and collected for evaluation, Koncept gives a well designed and structured format in MS Excel format. That can further download for client submission. This rich format gives the decision-maker a chance to put a strong grasp over excel file to formulate a more accurate decision.

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Koncept Features

Koncept made for keeping in mind Survey Vendor so that they can use a Online Sample Management Platform for sampling and delivering. It gives you the capability to use the Sample Management Platform for Market Research Projects with one efficient supply chain procurement process.

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Koncept is built by enthusiasm experts for everyone which is easy to use. It changes the way you sampling manually. Koncept is the Best Online Project Management Platform that is very customized for users, where they can create, add, manage and get reports according to requirements. Through it you can;

  • Add Project Single/Group and in Child group
  • Recontact Set-up
  • Add client by using filters
  • Add Supplier and manage individually once goal achieved
  • Supplier Mapping and many more...
Comprehensive Reporting

Everything is incomplete without comprehensive reports. A comprehensive report gives you a full insight to get survey output. This Sample Survey Management Platform helps to get all Different kinds of Reports and ease your work with valuable stats. Koncept gives you a Project Management Solution that includes;

  • A rich designing survey report architecture
  • MS-excel handy report
  • File Download option
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Security Features

Koncept is a highly qualified Sample Management Solution that having all the latest security features in just one Sample Management Platform that includes;

  • Geo-Location Tracking
  • Unique IP
  • Checksum
  • URL Protection
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Real-Time Updates

Koncept is one of Sample Management Platforms which has been made keeping in mind the small feature such as once quota completed then the status will update.

Other features includes;

  • Total work control
  • Dynamic pre-screen
  • Tracker Survey module
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