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Are you confused about the best software technologies suitable for your business? Do you want to save time & cost on a software development project/product? Let's connect with Teamarcs. Teamarcs is a Custom Software Development & Consulting Company that provides goal-oriented technical advice to businesses for all the latest technologies. We build Custom Software for Internal Process Management, B2C Application & B2B Application.

We are a growing Custom Software Development Agency. We provide full life cycle Software Development Services for Custom software. With cutting-edge development, we make every Custom Software unique and cost-effective. Our dedicated team has developed Custom Software following up with more domains like – Financial sectors, Human Resource Sector, Market Research Sector, Insurance Sector and many more.

We provide mobile, web and desktop software solutions under three main categories – B2B Application, B2C Application and Internal Process Management. Our Custom software confidently works across all popular browsers and mobile-friendly.

Internal Process Management Software

We design and build Internal Process Management Software to manage organizational processes and operations. Our Internal Software applications optimize or elegantly transform your internal organizational processes by streamlining operations which helps to improve their transparency, improve employees’ efficiency, enhance inter-departmental communication, and improve reporting analysis and planning.

  • HR Management Software

  • Payroll Management Software

  • Project Management Software

  • Asset Management Software

B2C Application

We build customer based applications that facilitate an experience with your service and manage every details that helps to understand customer data and gives a comprehensive report. To fulfill the demands of modern users, we pay special attention to user-friendly design, ease of use, and high performance in the process we create and deliver.

  • Customer Portal

  • Insurance Software Tool For Policy Brokers

  • Self Service Software

B2B Application

We build feature-rich, failure-resistant, and powerful applications for B2B environment. Our team professionally deals with the specific requirements of B2B application. We focus on every stage of the Software Development life cycle.

  • Vendor Portal

  • Order Management Portal

  • Insurance Management Software

We assure the high-quality solutions and deliver software within the agreed time and budget constraints. We focus on Quality in the project from its very beginning. Our QA Team review every requirement and user ideas, technology compatibility, architecture design and testing phase.

Software Consultancy Services

Teamarcs bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective. Teamarcs capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. Teamacrs believes in offering you the finest approach, whenever the right time revolves around global IT consultancy.

Teamarcs just not stop at educating your resource pool about the right strategies, but also make them understand the priorities and industry best practices that regulate the success of the business. To enable your growth and help, it evolves with the changing requirements and challenges, Teamarcs extend Software Consultancy Services that are timely, adequate and effective. We offer services such as website application development, custom web development, DBA administrator services, consulting & development services. Teamarcs services are specially designed & structured as per client’s requirements & feed to various sizes of businesses from startups to large organizations. We are passionate about providing commendable service with the support of our dedicated team of developers, designers, testers & support team.

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