What is Sample Management Platform & How it Works for Market Research Projects?

What is Sample Management Platform

It is quite common for businesses to go through a series of trials and errors before they start making a mark in their domain through recognition, success, and consistent growth. 


What helps in minimizing the number of errors is knowing the requirements of the people you are catering too, which is your target audience. Surveys offer solutions to specific queries that a business outfit might need an answer to from the consumers while formulating a marketing strategy. Knowing the preference and the mind of the target audience helps one to put in place the best plans to generate maximum profit. 


Since it is the age of digitization, the traditional ways of the manual survey have been replaced by its online alternative. Online surveys are easy to conduct, take less time, and offer precise solutions, not to mention reaches out to a larger audience. 


Nowadays, for the ease of the businesses, these online surveys are managed and recorded on online sample management platforms. These are customized software built to meet the specific needs of project management for online market research. It is highly preferred by businesses of all stature because it keeps the control of sampling projects in the hand of the management giving them open and on-demand access. 


In this blog, we will discuss the various essential aspects of an online survey or sample management platform/software.  


what is survey

What is a Survey?

 A survey is an age-old technique that is still one of the basic starting points of a marketing plan. It is the research method that is conducted through the collection of information or data on diverse queries from a targeted group of people with the intent to generalize it to larger demography of people. The research strategy has proven to provide valuable insight on specific topics to media, business, academia, and the government.


What are the Different Types of Surveys?


types of survey

Various types of surveys are conducted by organizations to gather information or data, such as: 


Market Research Survey


Online project management for market research projects is one of the most popular types of surveys that carries immense significance for an organization. Market research is an old yet effective technique to gain information on the likes, dislikes, and requirements of the target audience. An organization can get valuable insight into consumer predisposition for a product or service and the demand for the same. It allows then to get feedback on the performance and quality of a product post-launch. 


Brand Awareness Survey

The survey allows an organization to evaluate the awareness of its brand among the target audience. The research data is compiled with information collected from specific geographies to create a comprehensive report on how the consumer feels about the brand. It can give pointers to being improvements to brand promotion. 


Lead Generation Survey

Lead generation is the most effective strategy to gain more business leads to boost revenue. This survey collects contextual data of the target audience, along with the preferences of people who are interested in availing your service or buying your product. It leads the way for optimized interaction between the organization and its consumers. 


Customer Satisfaction Survey


These are common as well and mostly found in e-commerce sites and application stores. It is how the company gets feedback on their services or product from the customers and see if what they are providing is satisfactory or not. The evaluation of such surveys has proven to boost sales. 


Event Evaluation Survey

The event evaluation survey allows one to assess the success of an event organized by the company for business promotion or other reasons. 


Training Evaluation Survey

It is the survey that an organization takes to assess if the training was useful to the trainee and whether it helped them to attain the objectives. Everything starting from the attitude of the trainer to the quality of the training is evaluated through this survey.  


Employee Satisfaction Survey

The employee satisfaction survey allows an organization to understand whether the employees are happy working with them. They get comprehensive data on the quality of the work environment through feedback from the workforce, which helps them to improve the working conditions and the overall human resource policies of the organization. Employee satisfaction surveys are mostly conducted anonymously. 


Job Satisfaction Survey

It helps the employer to understand if the employee is satisfied with the works and how likely are, they move to another organization. 


Exit Interview Survey

An exit interview survey is important for an organization to evaluate the reasons why employees are leaving them. It allows them to address the pain points so that people don’t leave the organization.

These are the basic types of surveys that usually take place across sectors. That being said, project management for online market research has a wider perspective and output, one that bridges the gap between an organization and its target audience. 


What is the Role of a Survey Vendor and the Challenges?


survey vendor chaallenges

Companies irrespective of their market stature are dependent on surveys for market research to boost the sales ultimately. Now, maintaining an in-house survey team often becomes a tedious task and for many requires too many resources that they can bear. That’s why companies today rely on survey vendors for online project management for a market research project. 


Survey vendors are well equipped to handle multiple surveys and assessments with access to the target audience. It does not require the tedious management process either from the side of the respondent or the company they are being hired by. 


However, the same might become a challenge for the vendors. With so many surveys to conduct and multiple demographics to cover, management becomes a problem to them as well. Nevertheless, that issue can be easily solved by online sample management platforms which act as the one-stop solution for survey vendors. 


What are the Top Benefits of a Survey Vendor?

Getting a survey vendor to take care of an organization’s online market research needs comes with a list of benefits, such as:  


  • A survey vendor reduces the administration and set-up expenses of an organization. Since everything happens online, there is no cost involving physical paperwork. 
  • It takes a lot less time than traditional ways of conducting surveys and covers a larger audience and demography of people. 
  • It allows organizations to create customized surveys as per their marketing and research needs and the target audience that they are catering to. It also offers flexibility in queries. 
  • Information collected by online survey vendors is more accurate than the traditional manual methods. Since all the information gets directly entered into the database by the participant, there remains a slim chance of any error. 
  • With accuracy and timeliness comes the ability to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the data collected, which gets presented in myriad graphs and tables which is easy to apprehend. 

Online survey vendors make it possible for the data to be used for in-depth analysis while maintaining the flexibility of studying the data in ongoing research.   


What is Sample Management Platform?

An online sample management platform is a software that takes care of all your survey needs. It is your survey vendor that comes with extensive features to handle and manage multiple online surveys. 


It is a web application that comes with enhanced security features and the ability to design a survey sample, distribute and manage it, and run an analysis at the end to generate accurate results. The use of an online sample management platform helps in both time and process management so that detailed reports on the survey can be generated. 

What features can you expect that keeps the Sample Management Platform secure and well managed?


The use of sample management platforms streamlines Sample Management Platform for Market Research Projects for the survey vendor, taking care of everything from sampling to delivery. It allows the vendor to have total control throughout the survey and market research. The following features are what makes an online sample management platform so efficient: 


  • Project management through group management, single link, unique multilink, tracker study, recontact, along with dedup or exclude. 
  • Enhanced security with the implementation of geolocation, unique IP, URL protection, captcha, and client hashing 
  • Multiple types of Thanks-Page management that help in tracking the supplier status through a static and dynamic redirect, pixel, or server to server call back, hashing with multiple variables, and post back option with hashing link. 
  • A dynamic pre-screening feature that comes equipped with multi-language support and extensive question library for multiple categories for efficacy in timeliness. 
  • Client management features that enhance the functionality of client engagement supported by API integration. 
  • A comprehensive supplier management feature with API integration to streamline the process of managing the suppliers. 
  • Ability to generate multiple reports such as normal and detailed project reports, disqualify summary report, pre-screening response report, consolidated group project report, month-wise client, and supplier report. 
  • An advanced user management protocol to effectively manage user accounts. 


What is the Difference Between Owning a Sample Management Platform and the Traditional Way of Management?


An online sample management platform comes with several advantages over the traditional way of conducting research. It saves the overall cost of the survey as it does not require a lot of resources and paperwork. It generates faster reports and results, and has a broader reach in terms of the target audience and is not limited to single geography like in the case of traditional survey methods. It is better at targeting a diverse group of people as against traditional focus groups. 



Since everything happens online without much of any surveyor participant interaction it reduces the bias of a survey, generating authentic results. The entire structure makes it easy for the participant to take the survey and answer the questions easily. The most important aspect being, compared to traditional manual surveys it helps in faster analysis of the survey, ultimately generating more accurate results. 


An online sample management platform of project management for online market research is your one-stop for all survey needs an amalgamation point of the participants, the parent organization, the survey vendor, and other related to the overall process. 



Empowered with the digitization and all the enhanced features that tag along with it, an online sample management platform has gained immense popularity across sectors for target audience insight through market research. It is the smarter way of formulating targeted marketing strategies that ultimately helps in boosting the revenue and growth of an organization.