Sample Management Platform for Market Research Projects

A Quality Driven Platform That Manages Simple To Sophisticated Surveys Without Compromise.


Koncept - Sample Management Platform is a cloud-based online research project management platform that organizes your project in one place and powers up your work management. It is designed to be easy-to-use and comes with robust security features. Our Sample Management Platform for Market Research Projects gives you the capability to use one efficient supply chain procurement process. It gives total control over sampling projects with features such as API integration, group project management, comprehensive reports, URL protection, real-time updates, targeting quota and has advanced features such as customization and multilingual.

Why Koncept?

  • Effortlessly manage market research projects worldwide
  • Manage anytime, and from anywhere in the world
  • Take full control of your sampling projects
  • Customization and multilingual support and many more...

Customize It Your Way

One size doesn’t fit all! Keeping this in mind, our sample management platform is built with advanced features where you can get the platform customized and can create, add, manage and get reports according to your needs and requirements.

Quickly And Easily Obtain Comprehensive Reports

Our best-in-class online sample management platform for market research includes a rich designing survey report architecture, MS-excel handy report and file download option.

Robust And Strong Security Features

Koncept is a highly sample management solution with all the latest security features such as geo-location tracking, unique IP, checksum, URL protection and much more.

Get Real-Time Updates Anytime From Anywhere

Gain minute-by-minute control over your project with our sample management platform and monitor your survey results against time, budgets and margins anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Create Surveys In Your Respondent’s Language

Create multilingual surveys by adding more languages to your questionnaire. With our robust multilingual survey software, get survey responses to the choice of your language and analyze results easily.

Set Target Quota As Per Your Survey Responses

Our quota management feature displays the availability of respondents by directing you to survey whoever fits your criteria and is readily available.

Enhance Every Step Of Your Research Surveys With Robust API Integration

Engage with millions of respondents with our robust API integration and access your survey research needs easily. Our project management platform offers seamless API integration to the survey respondents that make the process simple and extremely easy.

Create And Track Multiple Surveys Under Same Category

Group project takes project management one step ahead. It enhances the functionality of single project management and allows to run your survey in different regions as per your requirement.

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