How To Build An Efficient And Quality Panel For Conducting Research?

How to build an Efficient and Quality Panel- With the growing economy and ever changing customer behavior, numerous companies which are dependent on these customers’ behavior feel the need to understand the customer preferences. To learn about their ever changing preferences they need market research companies. Due to the rise in the demand for Market Research companies we see an upward trend of mushrooming of market research companies across the globe. To stay in the game and to thrive, the efficient use of quality panels is very important to maximize their competitive effectiveness. With the advancement of technology, many companies have focused on building their own in-house research panel. Having a proprietary panel helps in easy and efficient access to a set of pre-screened, pre-qualified people willing to participate in surveys as needed. An Efficient and Quality Panel helps an organization to conduct research faster with a higher response rate and propels it to higher levels of productivity.

Build Your Own Research Panel With These Four Tips

Below we’ve shared four tips using which you can build your own Research Panel:

Panel Recruitment

Start by determining your recruitment channels. There are many different methods through which you recruit and add respondents to your research panel. We recommend some of the channels such as Email Lists, Website Recruitment and Social Media since they are inexpensive and easy to go. Once the channel is decided and contacts have applied to join your panel, you’ll need to gather some information about your panelists. We recommend you gather their information by creating a short survey. Once the respondent joins and participates in the short survey, send a welcome email to them and greet them with how their feedback will help your organization.

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Panel Engagement

Panel Engagement is the key to achieving a quality panel. Organizations should keep their panel members engaged with their project surveys. They should plan to invite their panelists for at least 2-3 projects per month for which they qualify and the panelist can remember that they are a part of the panel. 

Panel Profiling

Organizations generally depend on two methodologies to recruit, i.e, open-source recruitment where anyone having access to the internet can enroll and the other is by invitation where only pre-validate individuals can enroll. Finding a panel profile that is genuine, qualified and that matches your criteria is probably the most essential component.

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Panel Incentive Management 

To build a quality & efficient panel and engagement of panelists to join a survey, incentive programs are absolutely vital. Start your market research survey with incentives and rewards. And to keep your panelists satisfied, offer them to choose and redeem their rewards easily so that they don’t have to jump through dozens of hoops to get their incentives. Also, incentivize them with timely rewards. There are many ways to offer instant rewards to your panelists such as e-cards, subscriptions to streaming services and much more.

Final Words

At Teamarcs, we have developed an Online Community Panel Management Platform – Survey Cliqfor wider usability that has Simple Functions which gives you the POWER, FLEXIBILITY, and SCALABILITY to build and manage large Panels Community. It gives you many opportunities to build, customize, engage, and analyze your panel. Whether you already have your own list of customers or need to recruit your panel, it smartly manages panelists and their feedback. We use 100+ supported questionnaires to collect user information to manage the community panel. Survey Cliq comes with fully automated machine fingerprinting & geo-location tracking of each panelist, which adds to the integrity of the overall panel and improves responses.

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