A Virtual Workplace Wellness Initiative by Teamarcs

We all are familiar with the word ‘Yoga’. But are we with ‘Rajyoga’? It’s a connection of two words ‘Raja’ and ‘Yoga’. In Hindi, Raja means ‘King’ and yoga defines ‘connection’. Rajyoga is a spiritual technique that is performed to master the whole body with your soul. It’s basically done to heal with king qualities such as power, confidence, independence, discipline and bring in a blissful experience of calm, peace and contentment.

Keeping in mind that healthy mental health is as important as physical health, Teamarcs recently organized a virtual workplace wellness Rajyoga session for “Managing Time and Targets while Working from Home”.

In this blog, you’ll get to know the experience we’ve gained in the session.


The first step of managing time and target while working from home is “Self-Management”. It is simply self-control that means taking care of our own well-being. We all are focused on taking care of responsibilities such as work responsibilities, daily tasks, etc.

Indeed, when there is less clutter there is clarity of decision. We’ve to start focusing on solutions instead of problems. Train your mind to choose positive thoughts and attract positive energy. When there is peace of mind you understand others’ perspectives and respect them.

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Start your day with silence

How do we start our day? Do we wake up with our phones and start scrolling social media or emails?

We all should know that the first 15 minutes after we wake up in the morning our subconscious mind gets active and we should utilize this time to instill positive thoughts in the brain.

Virtual Wellness Initiative By Teamarcs

First, start your day by making your bed. Give affirmations to yourself- I am peaceful. Listen to guided meditation and give yourself 15 minutes to revive that positive thought. We know that it’ll be difficult at the beginning but everything needs 21 days to excel. “Where thought goes, energy flows”

Meditation helps to train our thoughts in a positive direction. When we start learning how to focus our energy, surprising things happen.

Food Vibration

In older times, Kitchen was treated as the most restricted area. Family members were not allowed to enter the kitchen easily because they believe that it may affect their foods with negative vibrations. That’s why maybe the earlier generations were more happier and content than today.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher discovered by his findings that ‘Water has memory’. Dr. Emoto put Water as a Living Consciousness on the map for the scientific world. The results showed that positive vibrations can even cleanse polluted water.

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The same thing happens when we cook. Preparing food with thoughts impacts the person who eats. Start making foods with positive thoughts and eat too with positivity.

Robots can also do most of the tasks that humans do, the difference is humans have emotions and can put positive energy into the activity they perform. Once we start taking energized food and water, we’ll experience good emotional and physical health.

In this way, your food will become ‘Satvik’ and water will become ‘Amrit

Sleep with peace

The energy you sleep with is the energy you wake up with. Before going to bed put your gadgets away and create a peaceful environment.

A Virtual Workplace Wellness Initiative by Teamarcs

Remember, Peace is our eternal nature. Tomorrow is going to be good with me if I am good with my words and thoughts today.

To be honest, we all deal with the same problem, i.e, this knowledge is not for us because our environment, our atmosphere is different. No, it’s not true. Always remember to think positive and everything is successful once we start doing it.

We, at Teamarcs, understand the benefits of workplace wellness Rajyoga for our employees and that is why we organized an Online Raja Yoga session for everyone in the workplace to improve their mental health. We believe, with the learnings from the session, our employees will not only be more productive but also motivated for the work as well.

Hence, let’s conclude with “Let’s be good with ourselves first and then you’ll see progress in all the areas”

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