5 Advantages of Custom Online Panel Research

5 Advantages of Custom Online Panel Research

A good chef can’t make a delicious meal with rotten vegetables. Similarly, without having a robust custom panel, it’s difficult to drive and manage the panelists easily, effectively and efficiently. A custom online panel is a vital source of information, ideas, and insight. And Teamarcs has always been a leader in building strong and rich panel management software for our clients. If you’re in search of a robust panel research software, it’s important to have a better understanding about the custom online panel research software and why you should invest in it?


What is Custom Online Panel Research?


A custom online research panel also called a customer advisory panel is a group of pre-selected respondents who have given their consent to participate in research surveys and customer feedback sessions. These groups of pre-selected respondents are called panelists. They may be the customer of the business or the individuals who have the knowledge and the expertise to participate in the panel study. Custom online panel research is one of the most effective tools to reach your customers for research surveys and online communities


Why should you invest in custom online panel research?


  • Effective Sample- While recruiting panelists, they have to answer profiling questions to qualify for research surveys. You don’t have to spend too much time finding your audience for your research studies. These groups of people are pre-profiled. You can easily choose the desired sample frame since you have the access to evaluate all your panelists data and information. Also, you’ll be able to reach thousands of respondents anytime and anywhere and can easily provide incentives after they complete their surveys.


  • High Completion Rate- Completion rate is defined as the percentage of respondents who have completed the survey out of the total number of respondents who participated in the survey.


Completion Rate = Number of completed respondent / Total participated respondents


With robust online panel research, you’ll always get a high completion rate. The more the respondents, the higher the completion rate will be. Also, features like incentives make them proactively participate in the surveys.


  • Low Cost- With the traditional approach to collecting data and information, you have to print the questionnaires and arrange the writing instruments for your respondents. Also, you have to call each of them before the interview. This increases the research costs. With custom online panel research, questionnaires can be deployed instantly, email invitations can be sent to every respondent easily. Also, surveys can be monitored in real-time. This leads to cutting down the cost to a great extent.

Advantages of Custom Online Panel Research

  • More Meaningful Insights- Custom online panel research helps in generating more meaningful insights than any other method of data collection. With pre-selected respondents in online panel research, the number of active participants increases. Panelists became more open and always willing to share their thoughts and ideas on the product or service. Researchers also keep the panel members active every time through custom online research panels. This results in collecting more responses and more meaningful insights.


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  • Fast Turnaround – With custom online panel research, researchers can conduct surveys easily, effectively and the results can be received within a few days vis-a-vis traditional methods such as face-to-face and telephone interviews where it takes weeks and months to get the results.


A Panel Management Software You Must Have


At Teamarcs, we have developed our own custom online panel research software – ‘Survey Cliq’ for wider usability that has simple functions which gives you the POWER, FLEXIBILITY, and SCALABILITY to build and manage large Panel Community. It gives you various opportunities to build, customize, engage, and analyze your panel. Whether you already have your own list of customers or need to recruit your panel, it smartly manages panelists and their feedback. We use 100+ supported questionnaires to collect user information to manage the community panel. Survey Cliq comes with fully automated machine fingerprinting & geo-location tracking of each panelist, which adds to the integrity of the overall panel and improves responses.


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