Online Panel market research

Why must you use an online market research panel?

Online panels for market research are more suitable as compared to traditional research such as paper survey, phone interviews etc. Offline market research target random and un-categorized audience that may or may not present privacy issues. Having an online market research panel makes it easier to research the world. The panel members are already set and ready to use. Through some rewards such as money points and gift voucher, you can bring community user on your online research panel page. It saves the organizations from the issues of beginning without any preparation as the panel information is readily available online.

Here users registered themselves which is free of cost. After signup user can fillup their advance profile, these details help you to get relevant surveys. Whenever you participate in these surveys you get usable points that can use for rewards and gift vouchers. These reward program helps to bring user traffic. Now market researchers can use the database for product and service company. Through their feedback, the company can improve product/service via the panel. Online market research panel connects users and project manager at one platform. It has many integrated features that have quality checks, survey history, transaction history and many more.



Top five benefits of a quality online panel for market research


With an online market research panel, you can create rich profiles of your community members, which will give you quality respondent. For example, if you are looking to launch a new smartphone, you would want to target panelists interested in smartphone and mobile technology to yield more informed responses. Moreover, a well-managed audience allows for a faster response rate, as the participants have shown interest in participating in surveys by joining the panel.

  1. Saves time
  2. Saves cost
  3. Research panels can find right audience
  4. Response quality and response rate
  5. Collect data with quality checks

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