Evolution of Research Panel & Panel Management In 21st Century

Research Panel & Panel Management- Imagine the time when research surveys were administered using door-to-door traditional methods where the panelist information was kept on paper or card with no digital panel. How difficult it used ...

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A Virtual Workplace Wellness Initiative by Teamarcs

We all are familiar with the word ‘Yoga’. But are we with ‘Rajyoga’? It’s a connection of two words ‘Raja’ and ‘Yoga’. In Hindi, Raja means ‘King’ and yoga defines ‘connection’. Rajyoga is a spiritual ...

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Teamarcs Work From Home Best Practices During Covid-19

Work from home best practices The COVID-19 pandemic has led us all to start working remotely. Speaking about ‘FLEXIBILITY’, the fellow professionals who are working remotely have just simply rocked it- Haha!. This pandemic has made ...

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Online Panel market research

Why must you use an online market research panel?

Online panels for market research are more suitable as compared to traditional research such as paper survey, phone interviews etc. Offline market research target random and un-categorized audience that may or may not present privacy ...

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online research panel

What is Online Research Panel and how it formed?

Online Research Panel is a collection of qualified people who are eager to take an interest in surveys and provide feedback for a product or service. Online board users are pre-screened and profiled by the ...

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DIY marketplace

DIY Marketplace – Insight & Exchange gathering platform for online market research

DIY marketplace is an agile solution of Insight & exchange gathering platform, high return and cost-effective way. It is personnel, customer, or marketing research using online research techniques that any market research organization carries out ...

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