Panel Management with high-end features to accelerate community base

Create and manage multiple panels, build advanced profiles and target panelists with quick quality checks with our panel management


Survey Cliq - the most comprehensive panel management platform is a customized gateway for users and community members. Our online panel management platform smartly manages members and offers them a great experience, which maximizes the quantity and quality of data and panel management tasks. Our fully automated and robust panel management platform comes with effective signup and invitation options and fingerprinting and geo-location tracking of every panelist. In addition, we have complex logic and branching features that can be used to collect more relevant information from the user community

Why Survey Cliq?

  • Recruit, manage and reward your panelists easily
  • Build rich profiles of respondents for better targeting and insights
  • 100+ question types used to manage your panel
  • Easy to handle and high-quality results and many more....

Create a Customized & Robust Community Panel

Create a fully customizable global community panel platform with our survey cliq and create, add, manage and incentivize your panelists easily and effectively.

Get Smarter and Effective Signup and Invitation Options

Invite your panel members to the surveys, send follow-up reminders and thank you emails and track those who responded. Get double Opt-In verification for enhanced reliability of email invitation.

Automated Incentive Management to grow customer panel

Accelerate your user community with loyalty programs such as referral points and special rewards. Create a daily poll program and allocate points to every user to keep them engaged.

Standardizing Solution for User Management

Add or create panelist profiles based on survey responses and create subgroups within a customizable panel for advanced targeting. Export user data and response analysis in MS Excel Format.

Get Community Insight with Real-Time Reports

With our online community community software, download complete reports such as signup and dropout trend report, user report, and domain report to give insight to panel members email profile.

Seamless API Integration

Survey Cliq offers seamless API integration that allows connection of panels with existing respondent reward systems and improves response rates and lowers the dropout rate by offering rewards.

Google Analytics Integration

Get complete insights of the respondent’s online behavior with google analytics integration and the way they interact with the brands.

Effective Broadcast Email

An automated one-time email campaign that you can send easily to a certain group of your respondents based on the address status.

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