End-to-EndResearch Fraud & Risk Management

A Comprehensive And Customizable Solution To Detect And Prevent Fraud Servicespanelists API Integrated Risk Detection And Prevention Assure Trust At Every Step Of Your Research Survey.


In this era of innovation and performance, our team believes in an automated solution. Koncept plus is a Insight Exchange Marketplace, which is a self-service DIY platform which comes with infinite possibilities by combining and automating the entire online market research process through API integration. It powers up a community panel and sample management platform that is sustainable for future requirements. It provides you with the power to deliver the solution for typical business challenges. It keeps you at the forefront of innovation and performance.

Insight Exchange Marketplace Features

A powerful and integrated platform that manages your complex market research project with freedom and flexibility. With our insight and exchange platform, project managers, buyers and suppliers can meet, manage and automate their projects at one stop.

Automated Solution for Insight Gathering

A robust platform that automates the insights gathering process to gain insights faster with unique & exceptional scale.

Smart Marketplace for Research Experts

A seamless experience where the project managers, buyers and suppliers can meet and automate the project at one stop.

Standardizing Solution for User Management

Add or create user profiles based on survey responses and export user data and response analysis easily.

Advanced Integration Capabilities

Engage with millions of respondents with our robust API integration that gives you the POWER, FLEXIBILITY, and SCALABILITY to build and manage large community panels and samples.

Set Target Quota As Per Your Survey Responses

Our quota management feature displays the availability of respondents by directing you to survey whoever fits your criteria and is readily available.

Frictionless Fraud Management

Built for accuracy at scale, our insight exchange marketplace identifies every individual behind digital interaction, resulting in frictionless experience in research projects.

Effective Data Management

Gain a holistic view of your business in minutes and get real-time updates and import data for your research project with accuracy.

Automated Incentive Management

Automate your user community with loyalty programs such as referral points and special rewards. Create a daily poll program and allocate points to every user to keep them engaged.

Insightful Dashboard & Reports

Access your research data wherever you are, whenever you need it and make better decisions by transforming your research data into actionable insights.

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