teamarcs technologies, a CMMI level 3 compliant company offers intelligent connections to market research with an expansive portfolio of capabilities and technologies and global market research expertise. We are a prominent technology solutions player in the Market Research industry offering full-cycle cloud and browser-based customized platform development services and top-notch consulting solutions.With a focus on innovation and scalability, Teamarcs delivers custom-built platforms and managed services that meet the unique needs of its clients in the market research industry and help them achieve their business objectives.
We help our clients to build, create and connect with diverse professionals across the globe with our platforms. Our cloud-based platforms give you the flexibility to access the applications anywhere, anytime and on any device. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we provide with superior services and innovative solutions to our clients.

Our Products


Panel Management Platform

Build and manage your online community panel without hiring a third-party panel provider. Survey Cliq, our community panel management software is designed in a way that helps researchers and strategists to connect with the online community and expand online research effectively. With our community panel management software, researchers can gain community insights and understand their preferences, engage global communities and gather continuous feedback.



Sample Management Platform

Koncept, the most reliable online research project management platform is the ideal solution that can provide total control over the sampling project that facilitate smooth collaboration among project stakeholders. Our online sample management platform is designed to streamline your online market research projects with a quality sampling marketplace. Keeping the users in mind, Koncept is built to handle with easy to use features where you can create, add, customize, manage and get project management reports anytime, anywhere.


Fraud Detection & Reporting Tool

Built for accuracy at scale, T-Sign helps deliver an accurate and complete view of the research project by linking device identifiers, personal data and online behaviors of the respondents. Our strong technology and global network of fraud reporting helps researchers assess risk, identify the duplicates, and confidently select the right respondents. With T-sign, we ensure effective results at every step of your survey project.



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