Building and Managing Survey Online

how to build and manage survey online for business

Surveys are essential for every business and organization to perform various kinds of research and analytics. Which helps in the growth of the business. Before conducting an Online Survey, any organization needs to know How to Build and Manage Survey Online.

The organization prefers to conduct two types of survey one is online and another one is offline. It gets difficult for every small business to remain in today’s competitive market. To remain in the competition and to conquer the competition knowing your customers better is necessary. Here is the point where an online survey performs much better as compared to an offline survey in terms of time and money savvy due to the availability of Online Survey Tools in the market.

Here we will discuss some tips to build and manage an online survey;

tips to build and manage survey online 

1- Purpose:

While building any survey it is in consideration that the purpose and objective of the survey should be clear to you. And also what type of information you want to get from a survey. Take time while clarifying your purpose, your objective of the survey. Discuss this topic with your team or with your management to get more specific. Never take your beginning for granted.


2- Questionnaire:

After getting clarity of your objective. Prepare a questionnaire for your users or customers. Keep it simple and short. Keep in consideration that your questionnaire should be in the respondent’s language, for this you can use online Survey Management Tools or Sample Management Software which gives you multilingual support. Never make your survey looks like a waste of time for the respondents. Build your questionnaire so that it will easy to understand for the respondent and make sure some questions will include two types of responses. Which commonly known as double-barrelled questions like: Is this tool interesting and useful? These types of simple questions make sure the right response from the respondents.

Leading and sensitive questions are some of the types of questions you should keep in your survey. It depends upon the objective of your survey.


3- Response Rate:

Study shows that the mostly surveys conduct by the organizations is the type of online survey which gives 30%-40% low response as compare to the offline survey. But, offline surveys are taking so much time, money and resources. Also, they are difficult to maintain. So, conducting an online survey still a better selection of small businesses. 


You can make the response rate higher in online surveys as well by keeping in mind that the survey is easy to fill and will not take much time of the respondent. Send surveys to the respondents from their known sources. You can use Online Survey Tools that can build some trust of the respondents for confidentiality. And at last, try to share the response of the survey with respondents in the form of results.


4-Selection of Survey Respondents:

After all of this, the counterpart is at the doorstep now. How one should select the respondents of their survey. Because whenever any organization conduct any survey and gets a response from the respondents. The organization cannot be assured about the market research they wanted to conduct on a population, comes under the respondent’s quota. History shows an example of it. When U.S. presidential election takes place in 1948. Where more republicans were available in the respondent’s quota than existed in the voting population. 

This shows that you cannot fulfill your market research for the population you survey for after getting a result from random respondents. The selection of the right respondents from the population is essential to get the right response. To get rid of this you can use some online survey tools or Customized Survey Tools available in the market. Which gives you validation facilities. So, that you can reach your true respondent and also you can decide the quota for the respondents available in the population and manage your survey more efficiently.


5- Respondent Quota:


A building a survey is important but managing a survey is important also. To decide how much respondents or how much response is required for the survey. You should survey a small number of respondents to check the variation in response. If you seeing the variations in the response of the respondents then survey more respondents. It depends upon the variations you want in the response. Some Sample Management Software available in the market which helps you to prevent the repetition of respondents and Survey Forgery as well. 



Building and Managing Surveys are difficult and sometimes biases can access by bad survey delivery and common questionnaire design. You need to think that what data will be more important or useful for you. Small sampling sometimes gives you better response rather than throwing a massive survey. 

Online survey tools help to manage small and massive types of surveys both. The method is more about to reach the right respondent with the right question as you want the right answer. Feedback of customers is the key factor in fulfilling an organization’s goal.