How to make Surveys more Fruitful?

To make Surveys more Fruitful is very challenging whether its online or offline. In offline surveys when an interviewer approaches a respondent often the respondent may agree to take the survey out of human courtesy or as he/she may find difficult to say a clear ‘No…’. In online scenario there are no social courtesies or pressures on the respondents.

  • They either participate on their free will or they don’t.
  • Secondly, when online most people are already doing some professional or personal work actively (searching, reading, entertaining, etc.) and a survey is a kind of a distraction or intrusion

Because of the above two reasons very few people are willing to participate (spare time) for surveys unless there is some kind of inducement or incentive, whether financial or non-financial. Without such incentives the respondents may not fill surveys at all or may fill them far too casually than required. Therefore, these incentives are provided in the surveys to not only make the participation a possibly ‘fruitful’ experience but also to induce more sincere responding. With something at stake (and junk/incorrect responses often leading to disqualification from winning that stake) the respondents may/often tend to respond more honestly.   


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