Panel Research

What is Panel Research & importance surrounding it

Panel Research is a type of survey research method which uses different Online Survey Tools to carry out its activities. It is a fairly straightforward method that does not use large samples like other traditional survey methods to incorporate the opinion of a particular group or a large population. The Online Survey Tool used in this method is designed for tracking all the changes in buying habits, opinion, and more which are frequently used by companies from different sectors to implement something different into or modify their existing methods or incorporate new methods in their business handling.



Defining Panel Research:

Nearly every category of panel research method is longitudinal in nature, which means that the value is not the data which you would receive now, but it shows how the data keeps on changing over the whole course of the study. Instead of taking large samples, panel research includes much smaller samples where the surveys are conducted in a particular course of time. The data is collected for understanding and tracking the changes taking place.


A Hypothetical Example to Explain “How a Panel is used?

Samsung would release a phone or they would upgrade it every year. They would sometimes change the Internet service’s speed, the operating system, or the hardware itself. Samsung could select fifty people randomly who are currently using that particular phone. Then, every 6 months, they can conduct a survey through Panel Management Software and check whether their customers are satisfied with their products or not. According to the results of the panel research, they can change their existing operating system, mobile features, design and style, and more. Apart from that, they can also predict the buying habit of their customers through Survey Panel Management.

Research panel

Hence, through various Panel Management Software applications, a brand, company, or organization can identify and analyze different trends, make comparisons, and manufacture products or services that would provide a hundred per cent satisfaction to their customers. You can even manage multiple surveys from a single platform through the right software. But that’s not all, there is more to this dynamic software application!

Savvy and successful companies always invest in quality online market research with the help of various Panel Management Software applications as it gives them the opportunity to procure concrete data for analyzing before they create any important organizational decision, services, or products. The data which is collected can be taken in the form of a subjective figure or objective figure. Once opinion and hard data are collected, the responses are then analyzed accordingly for the enterprise to make informed decisions, tweaking their customer approach, discontinuing a service, new product addition to their line, and more.

Let us dive into other benefits quickly…

• Professional Development-

Online Market Research surveys have been becoming popular for many reasons which include availability and access to professional designs, and the development of surveys. Many advanced Community Panel Management Software has been designed to provide expert insight on the ongoing market scenarios which can be used for professional development.

• Global Reach-

It also allows for the opportunity to outreach respondents from far areas. It is especially important for every business these days who want to have a strong online presence.

• Flexibility-

Flexibility has been one of the key features of online market research surveys. It has the ability to take any form ranging from an Email with a survey attached, attached with a URL link, or the company can even go for a survey software firm online.

• Customization-

With the help of survey tools, an online market research survey can be customized depending upon the requirements of the enterprise demography, language preference and more. Apart from that, various companies offer free Sample Management Software to their clients so that they can test the software before they buy it.

• Speed-

Speed is an essential component when it comes to the competitive business environment which is operating in today’s world. Online surveys help in gathering all the information that a company might need to stay ahead of their competitors always.

Thinking of getting one? here’s what you must know before taking the ultimate decision!

Concerns Surrounding Market Research Panels:

Research Panel

• Cost-

It is pretty obvious that access to all these specialized survey software would not come at a random sample price. But prices are mostly affected by the features offered by the system. So you can customize your software as per your budget and the requirements of your business. Apart from that, before investing in particular software, customers can also test Sample Management Software to check whether it is fulfilling their purposes or not.

Saves costs

• Practiced Bias-

Too much usage of panel respondents might lead to the usage of insider knowledge and on-goings of your process, service, or product research patterns. Indulging in the same panel time survey again and again would result in less original feedback and more like trained and informed survey taking dynamos.

• Using the Panel for the wrong study-

Companies often use a panel study for a predetermined group of people instead of a random sample. This is one thing that should be clearly avoided in order to achieve accurate results.

• Data Quality-

Sometimes panel respondents not only sign-up for helping but they sign-up for any panel which they come across. This creates an extra dough. It is essential to remove those suspect members and routinely clear the database.

data quality

• Appropriate Mix-

It is essential to create a mix of respondents appropriately taking various factors in mind such as demography, language, and more. This would ensure that you’re reaching out to your targeted audience. Now let’s take a look at the different types of Sample Management software applications available in the market for the various entrepreneurs.

The Types of Panels: 

• Business-to-Business (B2B)-

It is a type of panel where respondents are specialized in responding to only and all business-related surveys. These panels can be segregated by role, industry type, size, and more depending on the current market.

• Business-to-Customer (B2C)-

It is a type of panel where consumers or customers are hired by businesses in specific sectors or areas, to answer their research questions or surveys.




Why is it so Important?

Wondering what makes it so inevitable for the industry? well, Panel Research and especially a quality one is essential as your data would depend on it. With the help of the research panel, you would be able to build enriched profiles of all your members, and in turn, it would help you to get quality responses while conducting research. In addition to that, a well-managed panel consisting of pre-recruited respondents would allow for a faster and better response rate, because the participants have already shown interest in the survey beforehand by being a part of the panel. Talking about recruitments, here is how it’s done!




It can be clearly seen how important panel research has become in today’s world of urbanization and industrialization. It has been proven that most of the businesses that conduct panel research have a higher success rate than those who do not. It does not only help in providing new business opportunities but it also helps in providing a different outlook, and at the same time points out any black holes which should be removed from the existing business system. Thus, quality market research has become a core part of every business industry. So make sure to invest in a quality panel management software to take your business a step forward!