Build a wide information based profile of your customers and their prospects and integrate their review into the in-house panel. With this, You can now collect your respondent panel with the Survey Analytics Micro Panel tool. Building and Managing Your Self-Service Panel without hiring a third party Panel provider. Panel Management Software Tool give you a great experience, which maximize the quantity & quality of data & panel management task.

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Signup/Invitation Options
  • Unlimited & Extended Profiling
  • Have panel member’s signup and take surveys for profiling. Sub-Panels/Selects can be done by segmenting the data from any of the profiling surveys.

  • Email Invite Users
  • Invite users to the panel / surveys via email.

  • Double Opt/In Verification
  • Enable Double Opt-In verification for enhanced reliability of email invitation delivery.

  • Recruitment Surveys
  • Assign recruitment surveys for profiling.

  • Points for Joining
  • Allocate points for joining the portal.

  • Points for Surveys
  • Assign points for surveys.

  • Points for Referrals
  • Points for referring users

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User Management

Automatic Dynamic Profiling offers considerable efficiency within Panelist profiling. Believes that next level Security is vital – we offer fully automated machine fingerprinting and geo-location tracking of each panelists which adds to the integrity of the overall panel and also offers intelligent use of Machine Learning to prevent further fraudulent or professional panelists.

  • Customizable Panel Member Profile Field
  • Customize/Add/Edit fields for member profiling.

  • Panel Member Profile Analytics
  • Profile field analytics and data reports.

  • Export Users
  • Export user data in MS Excel format.

  • Import Users
  • Import panel member data in to the system.

  • User Search/Filter
  • Search/Filter panel members.

  • Bulk update user status
  • Bulk update user status (New, Verified, Unsubscribed, Blocked, Pending Moderator Approval, etc.)

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  • Signup / Dropout Trend
  • Signup and Dropout Trend Report for Panel.

  • Domain Report
  • Domain report to give insight in to panel members email profile.

  • User Report
  • Detailed reports about users.

  • Global Activity Stream
  • Latest updates of recent user activity.

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Survey/Research Projects

The advanced sample balancing allows you to target those hard to research segments with no wasted Sample which in turn helps to reduce the churn and provides better ROI for the overall panel. It is now possible to define comprehensive Sub-Sampling from multiple sub-panels.

  • Survey Email Invitations
  • Send out email invitations for surveys.

  • Survey Tracking/Analytics
  • Survey Tracking for completes, opt-outs, terminated, etc and points allocation based on survey status.

  • Project History
  • Detailed history of all projects, invitations, etc.

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Sampling feasibility tool

used to establish instant sample feasibility for your clients both internally and externally to unblock unnecessary workflow barriers and time consuming processes.

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