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Survey cliq is the most comprehensive Panel Management Software that helps you to better understand your users and community members. Our community Panel Management Software gives you a great experience, which maximizes the quantity & quality of data & panel management task.Survey cliq is very easy to handy and gives you high response and best result. Survey cliq provide a range of features in Panel Management Software that become a game-changer.

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Survey Cliq Features

Survey cliq is a community panel platform which smartly manages members and their feedback. Through it, you can also get an insigh t to scale user's profile and survey response. We use over 100+ supported question types to gather user information to manage your community panel. We have integrated complex logic and branching features that can be used to collect more relevant information from the user community.

We have fully automated machine fingerprinting & geo-location tracking of each panellist, which adds to the integrity of the overall panel. It also offers intelligent use of machine learning to prevent further fraudulent or professional panellists.

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Create a Customized & Robust Community Panel

Global Communities

A powerful quality checklist that builds community globally

Online Member

Helps to expand user community with quality checks

Mobile friendly

Survey alert, update notification and mobile enabled

Social Media

Social media sharing to connect target users and global communities

Smarter and effective Signup/Invitation Options

Unlimited & Extended Profiling

Have panel member’s signup and take surveys for profiling. Sub-Panels/Selects can be done by segmenting the data from any of the profiling surveys

Email Invite Users

Invite users to the panel/surveys via email

Double Opt/In Verification

Enable Double Opt-In verification for enhanced reliability of email invitation delivery

Recruitment Surveys

Assign recruitment surveys for profiling

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Automated Incentive Management to grow customer panel

Points for Joining

Allocate points to a new user for joining the portal Daily Poll

Daily Poll

Daily poll program for users to engage daily basis

Priority survey

Priority survey on the dashboard through the user bottom line with advanced question types, logic, branching, and more

Referral points & Rewards

To accelerate user base, our Online Community Software gives you loyalty program such as referral points and special rewards

Live chat & Support

Reach us anytime, from anywhere via live chat, email or phone, our support team will be there to assist you

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Standardizing solution for user management

Customizable Panel Member Profile Field

Customize/Add/Edit fields for member profiling

Panel Member Profile Analytics

Profile field analytics and data reports

Export Users

Export user data in MS Excel format

Import Users

Import panel member data into the system

User Search/Filter

Search/Filter panel members

Bulk update user status

Bulk update user status (New, Verified, Unsubscribed, Blocked, Pending Moderator Approval, etc.)

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Get community insight with real-time Analytics/Reports

Signup / Dropout Trend

Signup and Dropout Trend Report for Panel

Domain Report

Domain report to give insight into panel members email profile

User Report

Detailed reports about users

Global Activity Stream

Latest updates of recent user activity

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