End-to-End Research Fraud & Risk Management

A Comprehensive And Customizable Solution To Detect And Prevent Fraud Services panelists API Integrated Risk Detection And Prevention
Assure Trust At Every Step Of Your Research Survey.


Built for accuracy at scale, T-Sign is a fraud detection and reporting tool that helps deliver an accurate and complete view of the research project by linking device identifiers, personal data and online behaviors of the respondents. Our strong technology and global network of fraud reporting helps businesses assess risk, identify the duplicates, and confidently select the right respondents. With T-sign, we ensure effective results at every step of your survey project.

Why Tsign?

  • Comprehensive fraud assessment for accurate survey fraud scores
  • Customizable validation rules for effective fraud protection
  • Minimize survey duplicates and frauds
  • Increase effective responses
  • Trust T-Sign for reliable survey results

More Effective Responses

With T-Sign, we can assure you to accurately detect fraud and help increase effective responses.

Robust Fraud Protection

Our multi-tiers of protection comprehensively inspect and provide a fraud score to every respondent that helps researchers eliminate duplicates and block fraudsters on their track.

Fewer False Declines

We never auto-decline survey respondents. So, you’ll enjoy more accurate fraud prevention and higher approval rates, as per the respondent’s fraud score.

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