Importance of URL Masking To Prevent From Data Collection Frauds- Teamarcs

Importance of URL Masking To Prevent From Data Collection Frauds

Importance of URL Masking  As per Digital 2020 reports, it is estimated that nearly 60% of the world’s population is online and experiencing the power of internet. One of the key factors that has propelled the involvement is the penetration of web-enabled devices accelerating rapidly around the globe. The emergence of internet penetration has geared up a new level of online fraud. The increasing and recurring incidents of online fraud activities ...

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Returning To The Workplace During COVID- An Overwhelming Experience

Returning To The Workplace During Covid- An Overwhelming Experience For Many If you are feeling overwhelmed about returning to your workplace, you are not alone. After more than a year of work from home, many people are agitated to shift to a new normal again. It doesn't mean that you're weak or incapable of dealing with your emotions. These types of shifts cause us anxiety for a variety of reasons. And, ...

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Everything You Need To Know About Panel Management Software

The Market Research industry is evolving with all the digital advancement that has been made in the field of technology. And it will continue to evolve as the focus has shifted to quality of data & meaningful insights. Now it is considered much beneficial and easier to collect data online than traditional survey methods. To address this we have panel management software that can be used to profile and target ...

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How To Build An Efficient And Quality Panel For Conducting Research?

How to build an Efficient and Quality Panel- With the growing economy and ever changing customer behavior, numerous companies which are dependent on these customers' behavior feel the need to understand the customer preferences. To learn about their ever changing preferences they need market research companies. Due to the rise in the demand for Market Research companies we see an upward trend of mushrooming of market research companies across the ...

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A Virtual Workplace Wellness Initiative by Teamarcs

We all are familiar with the word ‘Yoga’. But are we with ‘Rajyoga’? It’s a connection of two words ‘Raja’ and ‘Yoga’. In Hindi, Raja means ‘King’ and yoga defines ‘connection’. Rajyoga is a spiritual technique that is performed to master the whole body with your soul. It’s basically done to heal with king qualities such as power, confidence, independence, discipline and bring in a blissful experience of calm, peace ...

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Teamarcs Work From Home Best Practices During Covid-19

Work from home best practices The COVID-19 pandemic has led us all to start working remotely. Speaking about ‘FLEXIBILITY’, the fellow professionals who are working remotely have just simply rocked it- Haha!. This pandemic has made us away from the traditional work environment and made it mandatory to start working from home till the lockdown gets over.   In this blog, you’ll get to know the 5 best practices to impel you towards ...

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why custom software is important

5 Reasons Why Custom Software is Important for Business

Custom Software is a software which developed and design under a process build according to meet the specific requirements. According to industry experts, in today's business environment having your custom developed software is having an immense advantage over the other businesses. It becomes the trend and also a business model for some companies to building custom software for their clients on demand. On the other hand, some businesses analyze the ...

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difference between primary research and secondary research

Difference between Primary Research and Secondary Research

Primary and Secondary Research is a very common research technique in the field of Market Research but most people get confused when we talk about the difference between primary and secondary research. Market Research is one of the best techniques to create and implement the best strategy for your business in a competitive market to beat your competitors. Online Survey Tools becoming the trusted component for performing market research. It ...

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Benefits of Survey Research

5 Benefits of Survey Research

Survey Research is recommended by many marketing experts. It has many benefits which give you a sample of customers or audiences to get to know about their buying behavior and reviews of company products and services. However, Survey Research has different methodology but it has some common benefits. Let's read top 5 benefits of Survey Research; 1- Know your customer: Wants to launch your product in the market? Thinking about to build ...

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Innovative Companies Use Survey Software

Highly Effective Methods That Innovative Companies Use Survey Software

Survey  software has completely changed the method in which surveys have been conducted. Be it giving feedback on a brand, product or service, survey software can pick just the data required for the business. This is how a lot of data mining is being done. Since data is one pivotal component driving businesses globally, this tool has gained popularity.     What is a Survey Software? Survey Software is a tool for creating, sending ...

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