Returning To The Workplace During COVID- An Overwhelming Experience

Returning To The Workplace During Covid- An Overwhelming Experience For Many If you are feeling overwhelmed about returning to your workplace, you are not alone. After more than a year of work from home, many people are agitated to shift to a new normal again. It doesn't mean that you're weak or incapable of dealing with your emotions. These types of shifts cause us anxiety for a variety of reasons. And, ...

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A Virtual Workplace Wellness Initiative by Teamarcs

We all are familiar with the word ‘Yoga’. But are we with ‘Rajyoga’? It’s a connection of two words ‘Raja’ and ‘Yoga’. In Hindi, Raja means ‘King’ and yoga defines ‘connection’. Rajyoga is a spiritual technique that is performed to master the whole body with your soul. It’s basically done to heal with king qualities such as power, confidence, independence, discipline and bring in a blissful experience of calm, peace ...

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How to make Surveys more Fruitful?

To make Surveys more Fruitful is very challenging whether its online or offline. In offline surveys when an interviewer approaches a respondent often the respondent may agree to take the survey out of human courtesy or as he/she may find difficult to say a clear ‘No...’. In online scenario there are no social courtesies or pressures on the respondents. [br] They either participate on their free will or they don’t. Secondly, ...

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What are the points you keep in mind while Framing Online Questionnaires?

Online questionnaire format

In an Online Survey Format, as the questionnaire a self-administrated one and the respondent reads and fills it completely on his/her own without any direct human interaction/guidance, the questions needs to be phrased keeping in mind the ‘Target Respondent’ and not the ‘Interviewer’. Accordingly the questions not only need to be in a language that the respondents are comfortable in reading, comprehending and responding, but the choice of words and sentences ...

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How To Decide The Sample Size For An Online Survey?

How To Decide The Sample Size For An Online Survey

The sample size for a research study needs to be determined when the research study is proposed. If your sample size is too small, it may result in a disproportionate number of individuals that don’t provide a clear and accurate picture of the whole population. Also, if your sample size is too large, the whole research study becomes time-consuming and even expensive. So, how to determine an effective sample size? ...

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What is the percentage of error in an Online Survey? How does this compare with offline surveys?

errors in an online survey

Online and Offline Surveys are two different methodologies of administering questionnaires in a research. The error in research may not only be caused by errors/mistakes while administration of the surveys but also because of sampling error, data processing mistakes and analysis level mistakes. All these errors/mistakes are common to both methods. So the degree of errors in the two methods can vary only in the errors/mistakes made while administration of the ...

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How is an Online Survey different from an Offline Survey?

online survey vs offline survey

Online Surveys are different from Offline Surveys in their administration. While Offline Surveys are largely administered face-to-face by an interviewer in a land survey (where interviewer asks/reads out the questions verbally, the respondent replies verbally and the interviewer notes down the respondent’s answers). Online Surveys are mostly conducted online over the internet and are self-administering type (respondents reads and fills the questionnaire himself/herself). Read Also: 6 Tips that will help to Improve ...

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